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Why cashless ?

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App Experts

Kwikpay offers an easy to use, intuitive smartphone app(iOS and Android), allowing your customers to buy services. Our team lives and breathes apps and works towards delivering a complete user experience to your customers.

Your In-house digital team

We take your business on the digital journey and take all the headaches away for you.

Enabling multiple businesses

A single marketplace app that offers the users ability to buy across multiple services such as Electric Vehicle charging, Vending operators, F&B operators, Gaming and Amusement operators.
Kwikpay integrates each of these operators user journey on its app right from user acquisition, payment and service delivery.

A full retail experience

Offer your customers loyalty programs, freebies, bundled purchases and other bespoke incentives through a mobile App.
Use our platform to access key data analytics, user insights as well as enabling user notifications to influence consumer choices and increase sales.

Payment Methods



Ev Charge

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