Take your catering business into the 21st century on the state of the art Kwikpay app. Offer your customers ability to order through the app. Manage rush lunch hour traffic. Focus your resources on food preparations and serve more number of customers. Accept all payment formats on the app and benefits of pre orders. Promote to your regular customers, offer product bundles and meal deals, loyalty and freebies.

‘App’ify your FMCG business

Transport your restaurant into an App

  • Transform your catering business into an app
  • Minimal upfront investment
  • Go instantly live
  • Enable consumer selection & payment from the app. Order at leisure
  • Queue buster solution for your customers

Operational Benefits

  • Promote pre ordering and increase your sales.
  • Promote Lunch meal-deals and lean time sales through push notifications.
  • Focus your staff on preparation and delivery
  • Know your customer/customer profiling
  • Offer Loyalty & rewards points
  • Get consumer feedback & ratings on products



Payment Benefits

  • Accepts all type of payments
  • Instant refunds for non-delivery
  • In app customer communication
  • Promote meal deals and end of the day discounts / flash sales

So why not get in touch and see how Kwikpay can enhance your customers experience and increase your sales without significant investment. Reach us at care@kwikpay.com.