Is Snapchat copied by Instagram Stories?

By on July 9th, 2016

Instagram’s newly launched feature ‘Instagram Stories’ has eerie similarity with much cast off  Snapchat

Date-03 Aug 2016 : After Instagram’s much talked-about logo transformation, it has launched a new feature called Instagram Stories on Tuesday. Much the same as Snapchat, Instagram has also come with the idea of sharing extraordinary photographs and recordings with your followers. Which will vanish after 24 hours. This new element gives you a chance to share every snippet of your day, which you may not want to keep in your profile but share. As you share various photographs and recordings, they seem together in a slideshow position, with a timer at the top.
Even though Facebook and Instagram recapitulate on each other’s app many times. This new step of Instagram has started ferocious battle of cloning features. Snapchat being the first originator of disappearing photos app stands tall in front of its users. Whereas advertising companies who invest in Instagram ads are content with this change as it is expected Instagram will now gain additional users by being more engaging. After the launch of this feature, some Snapchat employees posted mockery posts on the micro blogging site.  Questioning Instagram’s innovation for hashtag and then ‘Stories’!

Kevin Systrom, the CEO of Instagram admitted in an interview that Snapchat deserves a big chunk of credit for this new feature, Instagram Stories. Though the company did not accept it and even deteriorated any resemblances in the apps.

How is it different then?

Few installers never figured out how to utilize Snapchat. They always thought it was muddled and befuddling. Instagram accompanied Stories with an improved idea and UI outline. It is easy to use and one can figure out how to utilize it in a couple of hours in the wake of testing. Instagram is overwhelming its client its clients buy letting them share great and important stories in a single screen.

No matter Instagram stories is original or copied, users are eager to see individuals interface from everywhere throughout the world sharing their day to day disclosures.

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