Top up your loved one’s prepaid mobile with PayPal

By on July 9th, 2016

Top up prepaid mobile within seconds with Kwikpay mobile app



Do you prefer doing your online purchases through PayPal to keep your credit card credentials safe? If yes, then we know the reason why! It is an easy and one of the most reliable option for online payment. For those like you, Kwikpay has come up with PayPal as added payment gateway for secure payments for your mobile top up. Also, you can top up for your loved one’s phone living out of United Kingdom in no time! Wondering how? Lets check the easy steps to do an international top up using PayPal. Now top up prepaid mobile in UK with ease.

1.Register with Kwikpay

Once you have downloaded Kwikpay app in your iOS or Android phone, sign up with your email address. You can also sign up using your Facebook or Google+ account.

2. Select the category and country

Kwikpay provides prepaid top ups for UK local mobile top up, international top up and digital top up. Select international top up and choose your country from the dropdown of 100+ countries.

3. Enter The Mobile number & choose operator

After you select the country, enter your friends or family’ s prepaid mobile number and then choose the associated operator to that mobile number. Kwikpay offers 400+ operators across 100+ countries.

4. Select your amount and pay with PayPal

Select the amount of top up you want from the options you see on your phone and press proceed.

To pay with paypal, choose paypal on payment mode selection page, login to your paypal account and press pay. You will be taken to OTP (one time verification)  screen. This OTP verification is one time activity when you pay on Kwikpay through paypal for the first time. OTP is emailed to your paypal email address that you are using for your transaction. Kwikpay does not save any login credentials for your paypal account.

Once the OTP is successfully verified the payment is made and top up is credited to your phone in less than 5 minutes.

Kwikpay is a easy, secure and hassle free mode of adding credit to your and yours family & friends mobile phone in no time.



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