How To Get more followers & likes on Instagram? Latest Tips & Tricks

By on July 9th, 2016

If you love posting your images on your Instagram and wondering how to get thousands of followers & likes on Instagram, then we will take you straight into it!

Date- 20 Jul 2016, London: Instagram is one of the largest social networking app available today. Facebook of course, comes in the first place. Instagram recently reached a milestone with 70.1 million users. More and more teens are on Instagram nowadays sharing pictures from fashion to food. Apart from individuals, small/big businesses are also using this platform to showcase their products for fitness, styling, decor and so on.

But what about you? Do you desire to be a Instagram king/queen? Here’s what you need to do to get popular by getting many followers and likes.

Make your picture flawless:

It’s always a good idea to filter your picture before publishing it whenever required. Instagram has a wide range of options for filter. It gives an extra edge to your images whether it’s a pout selfie or your food photography. Apart from in-built editing options you can give a try for some more good apps available for editing picture like Photo editor, Pixel, Photo Layout and yes don’t forget snapchat text band!

See what’s mainstream:

Don’t show yourself all the time, make it interesting by posting pictures of popular subjects. It has been noted that pictures of pets, vacation destinations, nursery, Starbucks, and shoes are among much liked. So grab your camera and start clicking your dog, cat, your coffee mug, etc. To make it better combine these stuffs. Get little more creative and show your talent in photography. You can frame your hobbies like skating, dancing, painting to get maximum likes.

Avoid hashtag overdose:

Use relevant hashtags, but not too many. Its purpose is to tap the users of relevant zone. Nobody is reading them. So stop making your posts clumsy by adding too many hashtags. You can also create your own hashtags and make them popular or stick to already trending hashtags. Just remember it should be relevant.

Try these external apps:

There some apps available which actually helps you gain flowers and likes. Yes, it works! Tried and tested. Basically they exchange your likes and follows. It means that you can like or follow others on Instagram using these apps and in return you gain coins or points. By using these coins, you can get yourself pack of like or followers really fast. Apps like IntaLiker and FreeFollower, they also reward you daily with some coins, likes, or followers. Cool! We don’t recommend you to pay for it. As these follows are uncertain and it may also make you look desperate.

Why just pictures?

Use Hyperlapse and Boomerang by Instagram to add kick to your profile. They help you create exciting short videos and motion pictures. Increase some excitement by adding video of your dance moves, your vocal ability, a simple wink motion picture or go crazy.

So grab your smart phone and start clicking.

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