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By on September 26th, 2016

Instant online Lycamobile top up guides for your favourite Lycamobile Pay As You Go phone. 

Get your mobile top up at Kwikpay with credit/debit or PayPal anytime, anywhere.


With Kwikpay app you can top up any operator in less than 1 minute. When you can recharge your phone credit right through your mobile, then why to take the hassle of walking to the shops and buying top up vouchers. Use Kwikpay app on your iOS or Android phone to top up anytime, anywhere. Here is a complete guide for you to help you get your online Lycamobile topup, check your credit balance & data.


How do I get online Lycamobile top up with Kwikpay app?

Using Kwikpay app is simple. To get started, register with your email or through your Facebook or Google account. Once you are registered with Kwikpay, then you can top up for Lyca or any other operator within the UK for your or your loved one’s prepaid mobile. Follow these 3 easy instruction to receive your PIN for Lyca top up.

  • Enter your Lycamobile number
  • Choose Lyca as your operator and amount
  • Select your preferred payment option- credit/debit card or PayPal.

After the payment is successful you will instantly receive top-up PIN on your screen. You can also find this PIN in ‘My account’ page for later use. The same PIN is also sent to your registered email address in order confirmation email.


How to use Lycamobile PIN to top up?

Following is the process to use a PIN for Lycamobile top up:

  • Enter *#1345* PIN # on the mobile phone you would like to top up and send or
  • Dial 5588 then follow the instructions in the menu

For more details, you can also visit


How to check your Lycamobile credit balance? 

You will always receive an email at your registered email address to confirm that your top up is successfully delivered to your phone. You can also check your new credit balance on your phone.

Checking your current Lycamobile balance is simple.

You can choose any one of these options to check your balance as per your suitability.

  • To check your balance through message, enter *131# or 95# from your
  • Dial 321 or 95# to know your current balance through voice message.
  • The users living out of UK can dial +44 7404 000 321 and check balance.


How to stay connected to the internet?

With Lycamobile top up, you can also stay connected with internet by using PAYG data.

Mobile recharge for your favourite service provider had been so easy before! The best part of using Kwikpay app is that you can top up anytime and anywhere. It is fast and simple.


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