Lycamobile and Lebara mobile, What you should choose?

By on October 17th, 2016

Looking for cheap and reliable prepaid network operator? One has to Look no further as these two famed mobile networks, Lycamobile and Lebara are packed with valuable offers & reasonable rates. What will you choose?

Since the two notable prepaid operators, Lyca and Lebara, entered the UK prepaid network market. They have been competing with each other on their call rates whether it is International call charges to different network or local call rate on similar operator. They are available for users with quite cheap calling rate, packs & bundles. But is it fair to select your prepaid mobile operator solely on the basis of tariff rate? Or should we look for other factors while deciding on operator to go along with? If so, then what else should we look for?

There are aspects like, customer support, network coverage, and query response which are vital and should be taken under consideration. Also, one should look for the availability of fast and easy mode of mobile top up & secure payment option while going for prepaid phones.

Let’s have a modest take on what makes these competitors click in the market and compare them against each other on multiple common criteria such as rates, customer support, value and services.

On the basis of call rate:

A large part of UK prepaid phone users like Students, look for cheap call rates (International or local) as their prime reason while selecting network operator. After undertaking the International and local call per minute charges, we come under the conclusion that both, Lycamobile and Lebara are equal when it comes to lowest rate. However, Lyca dominates the market with aggressive marketing time to time, targeting the customers looking for bottommost rates. As per resent survey, Lyca has plastered many promotional offers to attract this segment of customers and manged to cross a notch in completion with Lebara. Therefore, Lycamobile can be a clear winner for users looking to save some hard earned money. Flattering, isn’t?

On the basis customer support:

As call rates have been the main factor when it comes to choose prepaid network, customers tend to avoid other factors like post sales service. Customer backing is becoming a very significant reason in deciding network. Over the time, Lebara has shaped its customer support effectively, as customers are experiencing friendly approach towards solving problems. It is possible that user may face any kind of hassle while using network, that is why companies with satisfying customer backing encounter customer goodwill and Lebara is successfully achieving it. We do not say that Lyca customer care lags behind comparatively, we can state that Lebara engages customer and provide quick results.

On the basis value added services:

Lyca and Lebara mobile customers bag many exciting offers and value added services. Lebara mobile excite its customers with free unlimited calls on selected networks, extra credit or bonuses. Whereas Lycamobile users can benefit from free calls on GT mobile (sister network) and Lyca world (free or cheap international calls on Lycamobile).

And, with super exciting weekend offers, they both stand a fair chance on winning at value added services criteria.

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